Monday, October 14, 2013

So Many Pearls!

PEARLS-- Don't you just love beautiful, luminous pearls?  I have some beauties! 

Freshwater pearls: almost-round in glowing white, fat rice-shape in a rainbow of vibrant dyed colors, or long stick-shape in white, peach, peacock/black, or glowing copper. 

Osmena pearls: domed cabochon-shape in shimmering white and pale colors and a variety of sizes. 

Blister pearls: a natural formation of pearl "bubbles" on a cut section of shell. 

I have pendants, earrings, ear sweeps, bracelets, anklets, name it!   Check out my Etsy shop for items ready-to-ship, or browse my Contemporary Concepts website where I can make many of the designs in pearls just for you!



Tamalamadingdong said...

Beautiful accessories!!! It's amazing how the right pair of earrings or a necklace could transform an entire outfit or look!!! Love for breaking down the various types of pearls.. who knew? :)

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely creatively beautiful! :0