Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gemstone Meanings, Part 1

Folklore has attached meanings to gemstones for millennia.  Here are a few stones and their historic meanings:

Malachite:  An equalizing and balancing agent.  Stimulates intuitive reasoning.  Promotes loyalty in partnerships and responsibility in business transactions.


Rose Quartz:  Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships.  Stimulates the true life force...LOVE!

Tiger Eye: Relieves high blood pressure.  Offers protection while travelling.  Aids in becoming more practical and grounded in reality.

(In no way are these claims to be considered absolute or infallible, nor are they to be considered medical advice.  They are merely folklore, for entertainment purposes only.)
You can find out more about these stones and others on my website.


Jocelyn Gordon said...

Thank you! You've inspired me to allow malachite to come into my life - "Promotes loyalty in partnerships and responsibility in business transactions."

Benecia Ponder said...

I love the Rose Quartz..LOVE is as the center of everything I do.