Friday, March 9, 2012

Hair Jewelry Is In?!

I'm hearing that 2012 seems like it may be the year of the hair accessory, as more runways and shows are including jeweled hair combs, bobby pins, hair clips, head bands, chopsticks, barrettes, tiaras, brooches and pony tail holders.  Apparently Cosmopolitan magazine even featured a piece online recently showing women how to use bobby pins to attach necklaces to their hair!  Hmm...I kind of wish I'd seen that one.  I guess it wouldn't be too hard to figure out, but I'm thinking it would be interesting to be able to show my customers another use for their pendants.

Hair accessories dress up any outfit, and the more jewelry-like they are, the more they catch the eye. They can be big, fun and funky or smaller and more sparkling...whatever your "comfort level" and the length of your hair would dictate.  Right now designers are using real and faux gemstones and pearls, rhinestones, encrusted glass, acrylic gems and bead work to make great hair accessories.  The picture above is of a gold wire hair comb featuring a triangle shaped amethyst that has been in Contemporary Concepts' inventory since 1988 or so.  (I'm sure of that because it was actually made by my friend Eve, who worked with me from 1987 to 1989.  She now lives in Phoenix and is my most excellent webmaster!)  Since "the year of the hair accessory" apparently only comes around every couple of decades, I'm hoping this little lovely will sell this time!