Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

Isn't this gorgeous? This is what my mother is getting for Mother's Day. It's a 12mm trillion-cut mystic fire topaz pendant with matching 6mm post earrings. I finished it yesterday and just had to post it for all to see! Am I worried about Mom finding out before Sunday? Nope. My mother is 77 years old, but unlike some of her peers, she has steadfastly refused to jump on the computer bandwagon. Doesn't own one, isn't interested. Practically runs screaming in the opposite direction when I even mention the possibility!

Like I said, this particular pendant is for Mom, but if you love it/gotta have it, just let me know! I've got one more stone just like this and I'd be happy to set it for you!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Wow. Two weeks since my last post? I could have sworn it was only a week or so, and I was feeling guilty about that! But I'm looking at a calendar and there it is in black and white. Two weeks. Where did it go?

It's not like I've been sitting around doing nothing. And I haven't even been sitting around playing games on the computer (although sometimes I envy those who have the time to do that!) or web surfing, or even researching. I've been creating. The Muse is still with me, and I've got to go with it while it lasts! Not that I've ever had long stretches without it--I've been lucky because I love making my jewelry so much that it's hardly ever an effort. And even if a few days go by where I'm not in the mood to make something, I've always got plenty of other work to get done, so I'm never bored.

This past week I've made 14 wire bracelets (one is pictured above, and is available in my Etsy shop!), 16 strung bead bracelets, and 17 pairs of earrings. Plus two special orders. And I've got some gorgeous faceted stones sitting on my desk to make into pendants. That's next!