Friday, October 25, 2013

Aquarium Over Bed

This is one of those things that LOOKS really cool, and at first glance you think it's something you'd really like to have.  But if you step back and think about it, perhaps you wonder how practical it really is.  I LOVE the look of this.  I love aquariums.  I love to watch fish swimming around.  Would I love it over my head?  Every night?  Would the light from it, no matter how dim, be annoying when I'm trying to sleep?  Would I feel claustrophobic with the archway over my head?  Some pros and cons.  I'm thinking I'd really like it in real life, but it would be awesome if I could try it for a night or two somewhere else, like in a hotel, to decide for sure.  Your thoughts?

1 comment:

Benita Tyler said...

I do think its beautiful but I'd be a bit paranoid of the water somehow seeping out or the aquarium falling on top of me ;-)