Friday, September 12, 2008

Custom Order Dichroic Earrings

I have a long time customer named Joan who came in to see me the other day. It seems Joan has embarked on a new hobby...creating and firing dichroic glass! She had with her two pieces of fantastic hot pink/purple glass with lots of overlaying dichroics that she wanted me to set into earrings. Here's the result! I was pleased, she was thrilled, and I decided to share them with the world! She is more than a little excited about her new undertaking, and eager to get right to making some more creations. Will she need some of them set? Well, let's just say I have a feeling I'll be seeing lots more of Joan!


Annette said...

These are beautiful! You do such incrediable work! Thanks for including me on your blog!

NewJewelrymaker said...


Thanks so much for turning my initial attempts at fusing dichroic glass into such fantastic earrings. I will definitely be back for more settings. Imagine what we can create together when I actually know what I'm doing!