Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Heart of the Ocean

You recognize this, right?  The Heart of the Ocean from the movie Titanic.  At least my rendition of it.  Let me tell you its story.
Many years ago I would shop at gem shows fairly regularly.  There are a lot of nice stones you can order from a catalog, but some you just have to see in person.  One gem show I ran across these huge blue foil-backed rhinestone hearts.  This was before the movie, so I didn't have anything in mind when I bought one.  It was just pretty!
Of course, AFTER the movie came out was another story.  A customer from out of state saw it in one of my trays of stones and begged me to try my hand at re-creating that magnificent Titanic necklace.  Surrounded by Swarovski crystals, set in sterling silver wire, handmade chain in silver and crystal to match.  I wish I remembered the name of the lady to whom it sold, but it was too long ago.  I hope she's still enjoying it!
My website analytics show that I still get hits from the search term "heart of the ocean" at least a couple times a month.  Unfortunately, even though I looked for them at subsequent gem shows, I was never able to find those gorgeous big rhinestone hearts again.  So when people find it on my Custom Orders page of my website, they will occasionally try to "order" it.  I always tell them if they can find a big blue heart stone, I'll be happy to "whip one up"!

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