Thursday, November 17, 2011

Personal Adornment

Jewelry has been worn throughout the ages by people of all ornaments, as displays of social rank, and as emblems of religious beliefs.  Most of our present knowledge of the history of jewelry comes from the study of preserved personal objects from tombs around the world.  From those cultures who did not bury valuables, we can learn about personal adornment from surviving paintings and sculptures.

The the widest sense of the word, jewelry would be ornamental objects made from many kinds of both organic and inorganic materials, such as hair, feathers, scales, bones, shells, wood, leather, metals, or minerals.  Today we think of jewelry primarily as precious or semi-precious gemstones mounted in valuable or attractive metals like gold, silver, platinum, or copper and brass.  Most recently, alternative metals such as steel or titanium are gaining favor. 

My philosophy about jewelry has always been if you like it, buy it and wear it.  It doesn't matter if it's a17-carat diamond or a pair of bright orange plastic dangle earrings.  Jewelry IS personal adornment.  It's all about YOU!  So let Contemporary Concepts adorn you!

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