Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April in Florida

April in Florida. Warm and balmy and not yet too humid. Last week and the week before that were just perfect. I'm not kidding--literally perfect! In fact, the last couple of days were starting to feel more like summertime, with the temperatures in the high 80's and the humidity starting to climb.

I don't know what happened last night, but I woke up this morning to 50-degree temperatures and winds kicking up to 25 miles per hour. What the...? I had already put away all the jeans and sweaters. It's April in Florida!!!

Now the weatherman is saying tomorrow is going to be even colder. Record low temperatures overnight. Warnings that we should plan on waking up to temperatures in the 40's! What on earth happened to April in Florida?!



Ruth said...

Wow really?? I'm flying down there on Monday, we're leaving on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale. Sounds like I might want to bring an extra sweater (coming from Boston).

wiregems said...

Don't worry...it's sort of a freak thing. Here it is two days later and already back into the high 70's. By the weekend we're supposed to be back to normal. Enjoy your trip!

Ruth said...

Ah cool. Thanks I sure will!

Frances said...

Global warming happened. Here in the Philippines, April is supposed to be the most punishingly hot month of the year, with temperatures at an average of 104 F (ya, it's really hot here). This year, it's in the wonderful low 90s, with daily afternoon or evening showers, too--totally unheard of!