Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spending Practices

It's obvious to me, just by the number of bodies (or lack thereof) coming into my store, that people are nervous about money and cutting back on items that they deem unnecessary. My business has been slower for the past 6 months or so, and I think I'm getting pretty good about cutting the fat out of the budget. But I'm going to guess that our household is not the only one with differing opinions on what's "unnecessary."

I ran across another blog recently that was asking how everyone was dealing with the current eonomic situation. I thought about it awhile before I came up with a list for the Etzes. Right now we've agreed to open the windows in the evenings and unplug the jacuzzi to save on electricity, cut back about 90% on the number of times we go for takeout food, and buy generic hot dogs instead of Oscar Mayer. I also have to proclaim that I've cut back from 2 energy drinks per day to only one! (Thus saving about $2.00 per day...I'm quite proud of this sacrifice.) I could live without the premium-movie channels on TV, but hubby would have a fit. He would probably like to see me subscribe to fewer magazines, but I really enjoy my weekly dose of Newsweek, Time, and TV Guide. (The National Equirer I borrow from my brother, so it doesn't cost me any extra.) Granted, we still have quite a few indulgences, but hey, the mortgage is getting paid! So for right now, here's to the diversity of "necessity"!

Now, why don't you pop on over to my website and start your Christmas shopping? I've got beautiful handcrafted jewelry in unique styles that are sure to get noticed! (See the Osmena pearl set above? Cool, huh?) I guarantee the goods are great and will be well-received, and the customer service is second-to-none! Plus it might allow me to indulge in an extra energy drink this weekend, and I'll love you forever!



Preston said...

Times sure are tough. I like your jewelry though. My mom uses clip-on earings (she's 73). Do you make clip-ons? I didn't see any on your website.

wiregems said...

preston--yes, I do clip-ons, but it has to be a "dangle" earring. In other words, anything on my Earrings page except for the 6mm Posts, the 8mm Posts, and the Twirlies, I can convert them to clip-ons. No extra charge. Thanks for your interest