Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging on the Back Porch

Tuesday is my day off. For most of the year, anyway. Starting next month I'll probably go into my shop every day, including Tuesdays. I'm hoping to be busy enough with both customers and special orders to justify not having this one lovely day to myself.
It's cooling off a little in Florida. Mornings and evenings are already a blissful and balmy low-to-mid '70's. During the day it's still warm...like today it's about 84 degrees. But I'm sitting outside on our screened in back porch, with a lovely breeze sweeping through, and it's really, really nice! Our house is on an acre of property, and is set near the street, so we have a terrific back yard. One of my favorite things is to sit out here with my husband on weekend mornings, just talking and surveying "our domain".
This has to be short, because I still have to vacuum this lovely back porch, and the dishes aren't going to load themselves into the dishwasher. And I've only got half an hour before I have to go pick up my son from karate. I just wanted to share a bit of my bliss with you today!


Eve said...

Sitting on the Porch? While I am slaving over a mildly warm computer working on your site? Yes, the new ring pictures are up - and they look great! I love the mystic fire stones - too bad photos just don't do them justice. (If you haven't been to Janne's shop to see them, you should try to drop in.) Then again... less for me to buy. I have to go shopping now.

Janne - CALL ME!

Eve said...

This stupid thing wouldn't take my log in. (and yes, I was using the right log in info) I tried like 15 times. Grr. I don't know why I like computers when they make me so mad.

Kgraham said...

Hey - thanks for visiting my blog... Nice to "meet" you :). Well, you did it. I was enjoying puttering around here and then you said "vacuum" in your post, and that's what I started to do about a half an hour ago, but never finished. Whoops! Ok - I will go and complete a task!!!