Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orange Hair

I wanted to try a new formula of hair color.  Maybe you've seen it, the "mousse" formula by L'Oreal?  Supposed to be quicker, easier, less messy.  Okay, cool.  I've been coloring my hair for about 30 years, and quicker and easier sounds good!  I purchased the color that appeared to be the closest to my "normal" shade (which is Nice 'N Easy #108, Reddish Blond).  This L'Oreal color was designated Dark Copper Blond.  Judging by the name, and the color on the box, I expected it to be darker than my usual shade.  What I got was orange-er.  I'm not kidding--it looks like carrot juice.  I've put up pictures, you can judge for yourself.  What I got was NOT the color on the box!  And the mousse formula was only marginally faster and not really easier.  So when this fades out I'll be going back to my #108!


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