Monday, September 26, 2011

Duct Tape!

Just when I thought I'd seen everything.  Seriously.  I was walking from the parking lot to my shop this morning and passed a city truck parked the wrong way on a one-way street.  A bucket truck, and there was a city worker up in the bucket, ripping duct tape off a roll.  He then proceeded to apply the duct tape to one of the globe-shaped street lights that line our quaint historic streets.  I literally stopped in my tracks.  This guy is duct-taping a street light!  Man, I knew the City of Cocoa was cheap, but...duct tape?  Really?

(The truck is on the left.  The white bucket with the worker guy in it is center-left, partially hidden behind the tree.  The globe light with the highly-visible duct tape on it is center-right.)



Catherine said...

Never say never!! Some things just leave you saying,"what!"

Well, anyway that you so much for your visit to my blog and for leaving a kind comment. I really appreciate it. I hope that you will visit again. Blessings, Catherine xo

Small Town Mommy said...

My husband loves duct tape. Maybe they are trying to save municipal money by fixing the lights with duct tape.

DorothyL said...

LOL...nothing surprises me anymore given the state of the economy everywhere. It does make one wonder though as to just what is deemed important these days~

Anonymous said...

wow, yet another use for good old duct tape. I wonder how they're holding our street lights together in our little town.