Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ankle Bracelets

I've been making ankle bracelets this week. Although the weather is still very un-Florida-ish, I'm optimistic that springtime will soon be here. Shorts and sandals equal bare legs, and I think all that bare expanse of skin needs a little bling, don't you? Check out what I've got in my Etsy shop, or on my website. Big ankles, skinny ankles?...doesn't matter! Since I make them to order, I can custom-make them any length you need. I can usually have them ready to mail out in 3 days or less, and shipping is only $2.00! Treat yourself!


1 comment:

jude8753 said...

That's very pretty too bad I'm so old and quit wearing shorts, hopefully you will sell lots to those young girls where you live or from your shop.