Friday, January 22, 2010

So BAD About This...!

Just about every morning as I'm getting ready for work, I'm thinking about my business, my friends, my family...all kinds of things that I could write a blog post about. Then by the time I actually get to work, it's all flown out of my mind. I am so BAD about getting on here and writing. I always feel like I should include some kind of picture ("they" say that makes a blog more interesting). But if I haven't shot any new photography in awhile, that means I have to take pictures and edit them before I can blog. So I put it off. Then the next morning I think of some cool stuff I could write, beat myself up about not writing yesterday, and forget all about it when I get to work. I think maybe I should make a belated New Year's resolution and train myself to write something on my blog before I can go play on Facebook. You think that would work...?


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Ruth said...

I have the same problem a lot of the time, I think of cool things to write about and then by the time I get the computer booted up I've totally forgotten them. Maybe we should start writing the post with old fashioned paper and pencil first and then copy it into the blog later?