Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comments Are Good, Yes?

As I was hopping around Entrecard dropping my cards today, I ran across a blog post that I thought was really cute and I wanted to comment on it. First, I had to click on "read more" in order to get to the link for comments. Now, this was a blog with a lot of advertising on it, and it took forever to load in the first place, and a second "forever" to reload that post so I could click "comment." After I wrote my comment, another screen asked me what account I wanted to comment under, with a drop-down menu. I chose Google/Blogger and tried to continue. It then gave me yet another screen where I assume the verification code was going to appear (you know, those weirdly-shaped words and numbers that you have to squint your eyes to understand?). Under the empty box that said "loading...", there was an indicator that there would be yet ANOTHER screen for me to sign in my Google/Blogger username. I actually never got to that FOURTH SCREEN. The "loading..." stayed in the box for more than 6 minutes, never actually providing me with the verification code to enter. I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of time to spend commenting on a single blog. I've got Entrecards to drop, y'all!

My question is this: why on earth would you make it so hard for people to leave you comments? We WANT comments, don't we?



Cacai_Nad said...

Yep, i want comment! want3x! heheheh.. It also happened to me what u had experienced and ended not commented at all, lots of etcetera2x.. That concept change my comment section to remove the word verification then, and leave the approval to me.. heheheh.. Have a nice day! Hope u find my blog interesting too and u will leave a comment mark. Hope so.. see yah around..

Laane said...

The fun is that I can't comment on your blog, unless I use an outdated google account name. LOL!
I've just moved my blog to it's own url, and because of that I don't have blogger, nor wordpress or any other open ID.

Using wordpress I've spended loads of times to get the plugins that stops "comments by logged in readers only."

I hope it works, because like you I hate to spend waiting half a day for pages to load.



wiregems said...

Well, now THAT'S embarrassing! I'll have to go poke around in my set-ups and see if I can't fix it so nobody has trouble logging in!

Da Old Man said...

I never could understand that. I always wonder if they get so much traffic and get so many comments that they need to put all those restraints in.

It's silly. I've been blogging for years, get 300-700 visits a day, and a decent number of comments, and have only had to delete 1 or 2 comments out of the many hundreds that I've gotten.

Why would I make anyone jump through hoops when there isn't really a problem?